The factor makes him crazy! ;)

As Moms of most – or ALL – sixteen-month-olds know, life is anything but boring at this stage… Especially life with little boys! They run, climb, jump, throw stuff, and are just NON-STOP from the time they wake in the morning until they go to sleep at night.

Ethan even tosses and turns covering every square inch of his crib while sleeping, for goodness sake!

Life around here is anything but boring or quiet.


Peter and I swear the ‘factor’ makes Ethan crazy. He is seriously just the silliest, goofiest, most high-energy little boy I have EVER met… And I am not even exaggerating.

Not even a LITTLE BIT!

I mean, of course he is… He has hemophilia!

I feel like those two things go hand in hand. It seems like most Moms of hemophiliacs agree – their boys are crazy, fearless, little daredevils.

And Ethan certainly fits the bill!

I recently stumbled upon a post in a Hemophilia Mothers group, where a Mom of a one-year-old was wondering if anyone else had experience with their boys getting into everything… And then the comments, stories, and photos began to pour in. I guess it’s nice to know we are not alone, ha ha.

I feel like in time I will be THAT Mom – the one with all the stories and photos of Ethan doing ‘daredevil’ things.


From the time he’s been able to stand he’s been climbing onto laundry baskets, trucks, his rocking horse, the bed, the couch, etc. I even found him teetering over the top of the couch one morning when I went into his room to grab a clean diaper for him. If I were a second longer I am sure he would have jumped.

When I came around the corner and seen him, I tried not to let him know I had panicked. I was trying to scurry toward him without giving him a fright. Thankfully he just stayed there laughing at me (he’s so evil… but in a cute way, of course) until I could grab him and take him down.


He makes my heart race… And occasionally I am sure it even skips a beat or two!

But, I wouldn’t change a thing for the world.

As goofy and fearless as he is (he laughs at everything while he’s doing it… It’s like he knows he’s up to no good), it is who he is. It’s his personality.


And while we’ve been fortunate with minimal bumps, bruises, and bleeds… I am sure there will be times where we will not be as fortunate. But, it is all a part of the learning process.

With time Ethan will learn what he can and cannot do.

He will learn what is safe versus what is unsafe.

He will learn what is worth the risk and what is not.

He will learn what may hurt him and cause him pain.

And, he will learn to make these decisions on his own.

But for now he is still exploring… And that’s where WE come into play. Over the last few months, we have learned that we cannot take our eyes off Ethan for a second. What may be a bad tumble or fall for a ‘normal’ child can potentially mean so much more than that for Ethan. It can mean extra factor, a trip to the emergency room, a stay at the hospital, or even a serious injury or bleed.


Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. But, we also need to let him explore. We try not to hold his hand while he is exploring around the house or playing outside. We try to let him do as much on his own as we can. It’s good for him! That’s why we take precautions now and try to do what we can to protect Ethan and ‘toddler-proof’ our house.

Our living room floor is still completely covered in foam mats (and pool noodles). While he explores the rest of the house on a regular basis now, this is where he plays and spends most of his time. We have a gate on our patio so he can safely play with his water table, outside toys, and play house under the supervision of myself or Peter.

We are also in the process of building a giant play area for Ethan outside. We just roped off a 28×40 area on our lawn that we will fence in for safe play. The ground inside Ethan’s play area will also be completely covered with rubber to help absorb the shock if Ethan – or anyone else for that matter – were to fall off one of the play sets, slides, swings, etc.

Ethan LOVES to be outside!


We are really excited to get this finished so Ethan can have a play area to call his own. A place where he can be safe and play outside with his toys just like any of his little friends… And be his crazy, silly, little daredevil self – Well to a certain extent, ha ha!

And when the play yard is complete, all are welcome to stop by and enjoy it with Ethan!

We will keep you up to date with some progress pictures.






It’s been a while…

Despite the absolutely horrid weather we have been having this summer (with the exception of the last few days), we have been kept SUPER busy! Ethan has been taking swimming lessons four days a week and we’ve been running around trying to take in some activities – going for walks, out for lunch, spending time with Ethan’s little friends, trips to town, hemophilia camp, and we can’t forget our trip to FLORIDA!

It has been an eventful summer to say the least!

I feel like I have so much to talk about that I don’t know where to start. Our summer began with hemophilia camp the first weekend in July. It was a great time with lots of fun activities for the kids along with tons of information sessions for us to take in. It really was great!

It was wonderful to meet new people from the bleeding community and spend time chatting with them. The kids were amazing, and they were great with Ethan.

I think it’s safe to say he stole the hearts of a lot of people at camp!

This year I was nominated for the position of Director of Fundraising for the NL Hemophilia Society, and I graciously accepted the position. It will definitely be nice to have an active role as a board member and become more involved in the community. I’m looking forward to a great year!

Thankfully in the way of bleeds, there have been very minimal incidents – which is great!

Ethan is such an active, busy little boy. From the moment his wakes in the morning until he goes to bed at night he is seriously NON STOP!

We cannot take our eyes off him for two seconds.

There have been a few minor bumps and bangs that we have treated with extra factor just to be precautionary.

Then, there was the day Ethan fell and bit his tongue…


It happened around 8:30 in the morning; Peter had just left for work. Ethan was running over to look out the living room window (I was sat on the floor right behind him) when he slipped and banged his chin off the window ledge. He must have had his tongue out while he was running and bit it really bad. Instantly he was covered in blood and it was dripping out of his mouth everywhere. What a fright I got! I heard the bang and seen him slip, so I immediately knew it was bad!

I quickly scooped him up to take him to the fridge to get an ice pack for him. I tried to get him to chew on that and suck on a cold cloth but he just was not interested. Popsicles followed soon after… And while he was enjoying the taste – and the mess – it just didn’t help! I called Peter to tell him we would need to give Ethan extra factor and popped him in the tub to quickly clean him up.

Even after the extra factor the bleeding had not subsided at all. We went through four or five changes of clothing as well as an endless amount of face clothes!

After talking to the doctor on the phone, he was just concerned that if the bleeding didn’t stop by the next morning Ethan may need stitches in his tongue – he had quite the gash there.

Luckily after a trip to St. John’s to pick up some cyklokapron (which is used to help elevate mouth bleeds) and let the doctor have a quick look at it, it finally started to stop.

Thankfully, that was our only run in with needing extra factor so far this summer… Hopefully it stays that way – fingers crossed!


We just got back from our trip to Florida; what an amazing time we had!

It was amazing. Ethan got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy. He loved them! We went to Magic Kingdom and Sea World and had the opportunity to go on numerous rides and take in various shows. It was a great time.


I think Ethan’s favorite part was swimming at the pool. Every time we walked by the pool he would cry to go in, ha ha. We made it a point to go there two or three times every day. It was so much fun! He’s a little fishy, that’s for sure!


This was our first time traveling with Ethan’s factor and all of his supplies. As organized as we were, and while we made sure we had everything documented with letters from his doctor, we were still nervous.

We had no idea what to expect.

But, we had a really good first experience. No one asked us any questions and we didn’t have any trouble getting through security with his carry on full of factor and supplies, ha ha. They didn’t even ask to see the letter from our doctor – we were both very surprised.

We had an amazing trip and Ethan was a super traveller – I just can’t believe after all the days of planning and counting down it’s OVER.

We’ll definitely plan another for next year if all goes well.