For someone that should be laid back, careful, and cautious… He is NOT.

Once again, it’s been a while since I last wrote… An up-to-date blog entry is loooong overdue!

My life has been consumed by a rambunctious toddler, my family, AND work – but I wouldn’t change a thing!

While it’s so easy to drown in the crazy, busy lives that we all choose to live, I make sure I always have time to devote to Ethan and Peter (and Ovie too, of course). If all I do at the end of a work day is spend time with them, then I go to bed a happy Mommy and wife!


At the end of the day, they’re what matters the most. And while Ethan’s diagnosis has been fairly positive so far – despite a few bumps in the road – it has certainly made me re-evaluate my life and has changed my perspective on things. It has made me appreciate my family that much more (not that I didn’t already appreciate them).


While Ethan’s energy level has certainly increased and he has become much more active, exploratory and ‘crazy’ (as we like to call it), his hemophilia has been very agreeable.

Knock on wood.

He has had no unusual bumps, bruises, or bleeds, and nothing that required extra treatment.

For that, we are thankful!

We have certainly been able to count our blessings with how fortunate we have been with Ethan’s hemophilia thus far.

Ethan has grown and developed so much in the last few months, but his dosage of Advate remains the same. Well, for now anyway.

He recently had some bloodwork done and while his pre-treatment levels were not optimal, his dosage has not yet been increased. Right now, before Ethan receives his treatment on Wednesday and Friday (i.e. after a two day gap between treatments), his levels are back down to 1%. And he has an even longer gap between his Friday and Monday treatment. Ideally, the hematologist would like Ethan’s levels to be anywhere above 2% when he receives his dose of factor. So, this is likely something they will tweak in the near future.

Ethan will see the hematologist for his routine check-up (which happens every three months) in December, so things may be adjusted then. We are expecting it – and also kind of hoping for it – since he is such an active little boy!

Until then, I’m sure he will continue to be the energetic, dare-devil self that he is!

For someone that should be laid back, careful, and cautious… He is NOT.

He is active. He is rough. He is rowdy. He is verrry high energy. And he is downright ‘crazy’.

But, that’s who he is and we certainly love him for that!

We would be worried if a day went by where Ethan wasn’t climbing on the kitchen table or hanging from the kitchen cupboards. It wouldn’t be a ‘normal’ day at our house if Ethan didn’t try to jump off our bed or climb onto his change table all by himself.

This IS who he is! And, not only have we accepted it… We have embraced it!

Aside from Ethan’s hemophilia, we are amazed at how quickly he has grown and how much he has learned in the last few months.













He has become this independent little boy who loves to do things on his own.

There’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t amazed at the list of things he is able to say, do, or ask for.

It truly is amazing how quickly he has grown.












As Christmas gets closer, I look forward to spending another amazing year with Ethan. Peter and I are always chatting and laughing about what this Christmas will be like; wondering how quickly Ethan will dismantle our Christmas tree… BUT, we don’t care!

As long as we get to spend another Christmas together creating wonderful memories, we will be happy!

We will be sure to post lots of photos – and updates – of how our Christmas goes… And how he handles the tree! It might be interesting, ha ha.











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