Pretty self-explanatory… ;)


Ethan has some VERY exciting news to share… And we are all sooo happy!

He will be THE BEST big brother.

While it may seem so simple and straightforward to think “Oh, Ethan is going to have a little brother or sister”, it is so much more than that to us.

There is so much to think about.

There is so much to talk about.

And there is so much to plan.

Over the next five months (yes, I am FOUR months already) we will seek advice from various medical professionals as we make a birth plan for baby #2.

We will keep you updated with how things go, the genetic breakdown of things, etc.

Wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “Pretty self-explanatory… ;)

  1. You know we wish you all the luck in the world and we know Ethan will make the bestest “big brother” ever and who knows, he just might take him or her for a ride in his “bop”, love you guys……


    • Wishing you and baby great health. If anything I have learned from the health care system is you must educate yourself and the people who care for you(doctors,nurses etc)! Always tell them your concerns ask questions and request precautionary measures to be in place! You are in charge of your health! ☺️


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