March is Hemophilia Awareness Month


March is Hemophilia Awareness Month… I feel like since Ethan was diagnosed, Peter and I have worked extremely hard to advocate for him while educating others about this rare (and severe) bleeding condition.

Many, many, MANY people have approached us and thanked us for helping them learn about Ethan’s condition – many people who had absolutely no idea what hemophilia was until they met Ethan!

If you have had the joy of meeting this amazing little boy of ours, he has a personality you will not soon forget! He is the perfect amount of crazy, energetic, rambunctious, sweet, loving, caring, and affectionate all wrapped up in ONE perfect little boy.

Peter and I quickly learned there are many misconceptions associated with hemophilia. Because of this we like to steer people in the right direction and ensure they are well informed. In 22 months we have learned so much about hemophilia. But, what was once so overwhelming to us quickly became second nature. To this day people still cannot get over how calm and laid back we are about Ethan’s condition. We just assure them this is our life – This is our ‘normal’… We don’t know any different.

And if you know Ethan, you can easily vouch for how ‘normal’ he REALLY is. I guarantee you he is no different than ANY other 22-month-old.

For curiosity sake, how many of you feel as though you knew nothing (or next to nothing) about hemophilia prior to meeting Ethan or becoming aware of his story?

Please feel free to share your comments.

Thanks, Kerilynn





One thought on “March is Hemophilia Awareness Month

  1. we both know how perfect a little boy Ethan is, we never knew anything about hemophilia , and i can assure everyone this little boy is no different than any boy his age. Bill & I think the world of this little guy and love him to pieces.

    Edie & Bill


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