2017 came in with a bang… Literally!

Although I have thought about it a dozen times, I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write an entry since the fall.

Since Christmas, I have sat down several times to write an entry only to be distracted with something else, pushing it aside for “another time”.

Life has been busy with two kids.

Not only did we expect it, we embrace it!

We try to spend as much time with the kids as possible, which means all other things get placed on the back burner. And we are totally ok with that! If you enter our house unexpectedly, you will see what I mean. The dirty dishes, laundry, and cleaning can wait!

While I had an amazing six months home with Ethan and Ellie, I returned to work after Christmas and they are now enjoying their days at home with Daddy. It has been an adjustment (for me more than anyone), but everyone is doing well with the change!


We had a wonderful Christmas, despite everyone being sick with head colds. It was nice and quiet. We enjoyed our time spent with family and friends. Ethan was so excited for Christmas this year. This was the first year he understood that Santa was coming and that he would deliver gifts on Christmas Eve while he was sleeping!

He was happy enough Christmas morning to see that he received his one and only request from Santa… A dinosaur and a “big egg” (aka a Kinder Surprise).

Santa delivered and Ethan was happy!

Some of you may have heard about Ethan’s trip to the Janeway New Year’s Eve. It was quite the ordeal.

We spent the evening at friends of my brother and sister-in-laws. It was nice and quiet. The adults sat around chatting while the kids played downstairs. Ethan trekked up and down the stairs at least twenty times, whether it be to show us a cool toy he discovered, have a snack, or to chase the older girls around.

Ethan is always so cautious and careful on stairs.

He usually stands to the side holding the rail carefully maneuvering down one step at a time.

Unfortunately this time one of his feet seemed to get caught up in the other, causing him to tumble down a flight of stairs. I heard the gasp coming from one of the Mom’s walking down behind him and instantly knew it was him. I jumped to my feet and managed to see him somersault down the last few stairs before he landed on his back at the bottom on a ceramic tile landing.

I let a scream out of me and I am sure everyone immediately jumped to their feet. They were all aware of Ethan’s condition, and a few of them passed comment about the danger of the stairs before he fell down them.

I don’t even remember handing Ellie over to one of the girls before I floated down the stairs to help Ethan.

He just laid there dazed and confused.

At that point, I was panic stricken and didn’t know if he was injured or just in complete shock. Thankfully there were a lot of people to help. My sister-in-law is a nurse, and my brother and a few of his good friends are firefighters and are first aid trained.

I was dying to scoop Ethan up in my arms and hold him while they checked him up and down. He just laid there shaken with blood gushing out of his mouth.

All his vitals appeared to be fine and he was very alert, but we had no idea whether or not he bumped his head when he fell. I immediately called the hematologist and we determined that he needed extra factor before making the trek to the Janeway emergency department to have him looked at right away.

The poor little guy cried when we left because he “didn’t want to leave the party” ha ha.

He was in good spirits, which certainly helped.

He was a trooper – as usual – getting his factor before we left for town, despite not having any Emla cream to numb the skin around his port.

We left for the hospital as soon as we could… Peter and I spent the entire drive in debating whether or not we should let him sleep in case he had a concussion.

After spending several hours at the Janeway, examinations and CT scans determined Ethan was completely fine and had no major bleeds. The only evidence of a fall was his bust up lip where his teeth went through and a burn on his face.

While we were beyond thankful everything came back normal, it was a scary night to say the least.

As crazy as Ethan is (and you ALL know how crazy he is, ha ha), this was his first major tumble. For days after all I could picture was his limp little body tumbling down the stairs.

I think everyone else at the party may have gotten an even bigger scare than Peter and I… I guess not entirely understanding Ethan’s condition and how his factor works makes a big difference.

But, at the end of the day we were just thankful he was ok, and thankful he had such amazing people to help look after him and make sure everything was alright.


So, as if NYE wasn’t eventful enough… Just after I returned back to work, Ethan was complaining of a pain in his side one afternoon and evening.

That’s not typical of Ethan; he’s a laid back, care free guy.

Peter and I paid close attention to it and when he kept favoring his side we decided to touch base with the hematologist to see how she felt. After asking us several questions about Ethan’s condition, she wanted us to treat him immediately and make a trip to the Janeway to have some tests done. She speculated he was having a muscle bleed in his side.

Flash back to a week and a half before… All that I could think was that maybe he was having an internal bleed or a muscle bleed from his tumble down the stairs.

So, after a good dose of factor off we went.

A few more hours waiting around, lots of tests, bloodwork, and ANOTHER CT scan, everything came back fine… AGAIN!


I think that’s about all my nerves can handle for a while, ha ha.

Knock on wood, nothing else ‘eventful’ has really happened since, other than a scattered mouth bleed and nose bleed.

Although, now that I think about it… LoL

To give you an idea of how Ethan bleeds here is a good, standard example.

We were on our way to Grammy and Poppa’s for supper one evening last week when Ethan was carrying a glass from the living room to put in the kitchen sink.

All of a sudden I heard the glass shatter.

When I looked Ethan was still holding it – well, most of it – in his hands.

There was glass all over the floor. We were right there with him, yet we have no idea how the glass broke.

I immediately took the rest of the glass from him and began to inspect his hand. He got a fright and started to cry, which definitely didn’t help with the bleeding. From the time it took to get from the living room to our bedroom (where we keep all of the medical supplies) the blood was gushing out of a few small cuts on his hand into my hand.

As fast as I could hold gauze to his hand and place bandaids over the cuts I would have to replace them again. He just kept bleeding through. Finally, I placed the gauze over his hand thick enough and taped it to form a ‘bandage’.

That seemed to do the trick, and off we went.

That night his hand was still bleeding – we were going on hour five. We knew that if things didn’t change by morning we would likely have to give him an extra dose of factor to help his blood clot, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. It finally stopped on its own. Yay!

These are just the little things that we sometimes don’t even think about. Because, for the most part, Ethan IS normal.

Things have been quiet since and we are ok with that!

Ethan still loves his little sister as much as ever… Maybe even more if that’s possible. Haha.


He is starting to wonder lately why Ellie doesn’t get ‘crazy juice’ (that’s what he calls his factor). We just tell him it’s because he is special and he needs it to play and be crazy, ha ha. He seems to be ok with that answer for now, so we’ll leave it at that!

Some days he tells us he doesn’t want to get his factor, but we just remind him if he wants to play safely he needs it. While it’s not something that happens every day (he is usually really good about it), he has yet to put up a fight.

No doubt his day will come.

But for now, we are enjoying the fact that he crawls up on the bed and lays back with his arms behind his head while we give him his treatment.

He’s pretty care-free.

The last handful of months we have switched from someone having to lay down with him (and sometimes still hold his arms still), to wanting to lay down all by himself.

He is getting more curious, asking more questions, and wanting to help more. Some days he wants to wear his ‘own gloves’ and help ‘push the button’ on the syringe.

Will we be so lucky for it to always be a positive experience for him?

I guess we will just have to take it as it comes…

Anyway, while this entry was LONG overdue, I just wanted to provide a little update on how things have been going lately.

Maybe in the next little while I will get a chance to write about things happening in Ethan’s life (and ours), rather than his tumbles, bleeds, an extra doses of factor… Fingers crossed!